Once you claim a thread from the Inbox tab, the message will then be moved down to your Open tab. The Open tab is where you will have a one-to-one conversation with your customer.

For an overview of the Open tab and its features, please see below:

1. The "My Threads" tab will show list of open threads that you have claimed.

2. The "All Claimed Threads" tab will show you everyone's open threads.

3. To add an attachment (PNG, JPEG, PDF) to a thread, click the paper clip icon.

4. To add an emoji, click the smiley face icon.

5. These three messages are Stock messages. These are customizable in settings under "Preferences."

6. The print button allows you to print the thread that you are view or save it as a PDF.

7. To transfer a thread, the click the two arrows. You are able to transfer the thread to anyone that has access to the Prokeep account. 

8. Once a conversation has been completed, it is a best practice to closed the thread. The reason this is suggested is that the next time the customer texts in, their message will go to back to the Inbox, not you directly.

9. The "Add Reference Number" field allows you to put PO numbers, Reference Numbers, or even notes to a specific thread. This field is searchable in the Search section within Prokeep.