What is Prokeep?

  • Prokeep is text messaging designed for distributors.
  • Our platform saves time and prevents mistakes by allowing your customers to text orders and pictures directly to your location's landline phone number!
  • Prokeep tracks and manages texting across your organization so that orders are quickly routed to available reps, thereby reducing wait times and improving accountability.
  • Our cloud-based solution can be accessed from any computer and there is no app for your customer to download.

Built for Distributors

  • Use your landline number to send and receive texts using the same number your customers are familiar calling to place orders.
  • All new texts and pictures are sent to the Shared Inbox which is available to all Sales Reps to guarantee the fastest response time for all your customers.
  • The After Hours Message sends a customized message to customers to let them know your hours of operation and where they can get help if it is an emergency.

Rich Messaging

  • Sending and receiving pictures speed up a conversation and help prevent mistakes. Receive pictures of part lists or equipment name plates from customers. Send a screenshot from your ERP system to confirm a part order.
  • Grab a PDF from your library of technical docs and send to a contractor to confirm a part or, after the order is received, send an invoice from your ERP for the contractor's records.

What you will see:

What your customer will see: