Switching Between Groups:

Prokeep allows a user to switch which groups/locations they are viewing and messaging from. By default, Administrators have access to all groups/locations under an account. However, Admins can provide Managers and Members access to multiple groups/locations as well. For instructions on how to provide access to multiple groups/locations to other users, please click here.

For instructions on how to switch the group you are viewing, please see the steps below:

  • Log into your Prokeep profile.

  • Within the Inbox or Threads sections, click the drop down under "Locations."

  • Once the dropdown is clicked, Prokeep will provide a list of all locations you have access to. If you do not see the dropdown option, you only have access to your one location. Click the location that you would like to view.

  • You may run into an error message stating you still have open threads. You cannot switch locations unless all of your claimed threads have been resolved and closed. 

  • Once all your threads have been closed, you can switch the location that you are viewing.