While the Reports tab provides a helpful overview of your current usage within Prokeep, the Excel export allows you to take a deep dive into your usage. 

For an overview of the Excel export, please see below: 

Column A: Your Company Name

Column B: Location customer messaged into or where customer was messaged from

Column C: User's First Name

Column D: User's Last Name

Column E: Direction Thread was Created (Received or Sent)

Column F: Customer's First Name

Column G: Customer's Last Name

Column H: Customer's Company Name

Column I: Unique Thread ID

Column J: Time Thread Received/Started (UTC)

Column K: Time Thread Claimed (UTC) 

Column L: Time Thread Closed (UTC)

If you would like your time stamps in local time, please reach out to support@prokeep.com to have that enabled on your account. When Local Time is enabled, it will use the time zone set in the After Hours Message to export the time stamps in.