Single User Routing allows customers' messages to bypass the Shared Inbox and go directly to a designated Account Rep for a specific period of time. If the designated Account Rep does not respond during the specified time, then messages will be routed to the Shared Inbox where the first available user can respond. This feature is useful if a customer is better served by having their messages always routed to a specific user rather than to the first available user. 

To add Single User Routing to your Account, contact The beta program is only available to paying customers so if you are in trial, please reach out to your Sales Account Executive. 

Once Single User Routing is added your account, follow the setup steps below:

Turn on Sharing in Settings:

  • Go to Settings, select "Company Settings"
  • Toggle on the "Sharing" feature
  • Select your desired "Time to Share" 

"Time to Share" allows you to select the length of time a message can be unclaimed by an Account Rep before being shown to the Shared Inbox.  You are able to set the "Time to Share" from 3 minutes to 15 minutes.

Fill out the Account Rep Field:

  • Go to Contacts, select a contact
  • In the contact's details, select the Account Rep field
  • Enter the user's name who should receive messages from the contact

Without Single User Routing enabled, the Account Rep field functions as a text-only reference field.

Turn on Priority Notification:

  • Toggle on "Priority Notifications"
  • Click Save

When Priority Notifications are enabled, Prokeep will route all messages from that customer to the specified rep, bypassing the Shared Inbox.

That's it!  To help in the set up process you can watch this short video.